Introducing The “Profit-Club” Online 20 Group

A group of 5-8 Auto Shop owners who meet Bi-Monthly for one hour online after work hours; example. 5:45-6:45 pm. $160 per month with no contract. Develop systems for your shop; manage the systems and update as necessary

A “Franchise of One” Written procedures from opening to closing:

  • FOUR KEY PRINCIPLES; Integrity, Competence, Empathy and Discipline.
  • Receive personalized repair procedures manual with shop name & logo
  • Create employee handbook & job descriptions
  • Business Management Training for owners & all employees
  • Calculate Breakeven when hiring people and setting goals for each employee

Track Monthly Results on “Cloud” based software:
Receive a shop analysis compared to top 25% anonymously

Vin Waterhouse has spoken to or trained over 20,000 people like yourself over the course of his career and he is known for setting realistic and achievable goals that can be implemented in small towns or big cities.

You are asked to work on your business one hour a day. At each meeting you will be assigned simple tasks to complete before the next meeting and the group will help you complete them. Access Vin Waterhouse via email, text or cell phone. A "ProfitClub" is for those who don’t like travel, airfare or hotel bills.

VinWaterhouse@gmail.com or Automotv@aol.com 
www.vinwaterhouse.com Cell 617-901-0243