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The top 25% most profitable repair shops annual sales average $1,027,334 vs. average shop annual sales of $880,121. With  $147,213 more sales. The top 25% earn $99,142 more net profit than average shops. More than 20,000 people have attended Vin's classes & presentations. Vin knows what high profit firms do differently and how they do it.

Attend a Vin Waterhouse class and see what others do; share ideas and implement best business practices. click the Course Overviews tab to see a description of classes offered. Ask NAPA about their $440 scholarship. You don't have to be a NAPA customer to attend. All classes have a "Money Back Guarantee". Call or Text:  617.901.0243

Vin Waterhouse
Author of  "The Labor Factory"


The Most PROFITABLE Auto Repair Shops...

  • SALES were $147,213 higher than average shops and earn $99,142 more net profit.
  • Generate $14,991 more ANNUAL GROSS PROFIT per employee
  • PARTS GROSS PROFIT is 3.6% higher than that of average shops
  • LABOR GROSS PROFIT is 2.6% higher than that of average shops
  • Sell $40.31 more sales per repair order higher labor and parts GP
  • Generate and sell $1,168 more monthly labor sales per technician
  • TOTAL GROSS PROFIT is 3.4% higher than average shops
  • OPERATING EXPENSES are 5.7% less as a percent to total sales
  • Their LABOR RATE is $1.35 LOWER than avg shops
  • Their shops are 7% MORE EFFICIENT and out-perform average shops in several additional categories

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