“Profit-Makers” Online 2-5 Shops Bi-Monthly

Feeling uncertain? Want some direction? People to share ideas with?? Oher members helping you? How about Bi-Monthly 65 MINUTE meetings with 2-5 Repair Shop owners to solve mutual challenges using a combination of methods including Vin Waterhouse presentations, Group discussion, homework, implementation of ideas and sharing results is a big part of success.  Meetings can be after work hours; ex. 5:45-6:50 pm and group membership is preferably by time zone:  Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific. It's taking Vin Waterhouse's 2 day financial management class in slow motion, great depth, with homework and group discussion.

"Successful People do what they don't want to do when they don't want to do it!"



  • Group Meet every 14 days
  • Business Management Training for owners & all shop employees               
  • Job descriptions for all employees with expectations  and incentives
  • Marketing issues- What is effective and what is not effective?
  • Online Software portal to measure your performance and compare results
  • NO CONTRACT; withdraw anytime

Vin conducted his first NAPA test market in 1990 and has been a NAPA exclusive business management trainer since year 2,000. He created the industry exclusive NAPA AutoCare Financial GPS and has trained over 20,000 shop owners in his career. "You will never look at your business the same way again" and you will love the meetings.


$299 includes first month then $229 per month ongoing.
No contract and no price increases...Ever!
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